Training Tips

To undertake a trekking trip comfortably, a reasonable level of fitness is recommended. It is better to build up over time rather than undertake last minute training before you leave for your trip. It is recommended to get your body used to a reasonable level of exercise so that the impacts of trekking and increasing altitude are not felt so much.

At the same time, you do not want to push yourself so much such that your immune system is under too much stress, so please do not start an ‘Olympic style’ fitness schedule for the purpose of training for your trip. You want to peak during your trip, not at the beginning. (As a guide, sometimes we say it is better to be 85% fit before a trip so that you can peak toward the 3rd quarter of any trip).

Cardiovascular training

  • Undertake cardiovascular training several times each week – eg. walking, jogging, cycling, swimming. Lots of walking is ideal training as you will get used to being on your legs for a long period of time.
  • Slowly build up over weeks to carrying 5-10kgs in a backpack. You will not need to carry so much on your trip but the extra weight will simulate the impact of altitude on your body.
  • At least 3-5 months out from your trip start date, aim for one long walk each week – for approximately 4-5 hours at a good pace.
  • Look for stairs to climb, and look for trails with a good number of hills. Take your time going up the hills. They might look daunting but just take a step at a time, so to speak.
  • Using trekking poles will help to save your knees on up and down hill sections, and will help with balance.

Strength training

  • To the extent you can also fit in some strength training, please do.
  • Strength training can be done at home using ‘own body weight’ exercises such as a routine including:
    • Get ups(burpees)
    • Press ups (full or half)
    • Sit ups
    • Squats
  • If you have time to do at least 1 weights session per week in a gym, great, but not strictly necessary. It will simply add to your overall fitness.


It is recommended that you include a normal and regular stretching routine as part of your training.

Note: The above information is provided as a guide only and should not be relied upon as suitable training for each and every person for each and every adventure travel activity in which you may propose to participate. It is recommended that you seek medical advice from your own health care professional before commencing any fitness routine.