Mt Kosciuszko

Australia has one of the mountains known as being part of the challenge to climb to the highest point on the 7 main continents: The 7 Summits.
Mt Kosciuszko (2,228m), located in the Snowy Mountains, near Thredbo Ski Resort, and not far from Jindabyne (New South Wales) is the highest point in Australia.
A few people try to say it is not a ‘real’ climb, but climb from Thredbo without the use of a chair lift or take the main range walk route from Charlotte’s Pass (around 22kms loop), and you will find it is a significant day out. Alternatively, as many of our friends know from their own experiences, an attempt at a winter ascent of this mountain can prove to be more than a challenge, and one not to be under-estimated. Like any other mountain, weather plays a significant part in any climb so if you decide to go, make sure you are prepared.
As at November 2017, Expedition Base does not offer a trip to climb Mt Kosciuszko as it is relatively straightforward s to organise a trip there yourself. Also, from time to time, some of our team who reside in Australia plan to make themselves available for volunteer climbs of this mountain whenever they are in the area. So, if you ‘Like’ us on Facebook then you will be able to see when these climbs pop up.

Where to go: Thredbo Ski Resort, near Jindabyne, New South Wales Charlottes Pass, near Jindabyen, New South Wales)

How to get there: From Sydney – 7 hours by car to Thredbo, 7.5 hours to Charlotte’s Pass. From Canberra – 4 hours by car to Thredbo, 4.5 hours to Charlotte’s Pass.y

When to go: You can climb this mountain all year around. In warmer months, it is relatively straightforward to follow the trails. However, even in warmer months you can get some bitey cold weather, harsh winds, snow and whiteouts, so go prepared for 4 seasons in one day, take water and food etc, and emergency clothing and supplies for wet, windy or cold weather.

Details: Some informative links that might help you prepare for your climb

From Thredbo: hiking-in- nsw/kosciuszko-np- south/kosciuszko-walk- thredbo-to- mount-kosciuszko.html

From Charlotte’s Pass: hiking-in- nsw/kosciuszko-np- south/summit-walk- charlotte-pass- to-mount- kosciuszko-summit- trail.html